About Me

Some people possess a natural magnetism that draws people in by simply being who they are.

Brooke Janousek is one such person.


Known for her charisma, generosity of spirit, and infectious energy, Brooke is the kind of leader others feel inspired by. She brings this spirit to each and every client she works with through The Grow CMO, a fractional leadership solution for effective marketing growth that she founded in 2022 after two decades as an expert in the marketing industry.

Brooke is a skilled brand builder and promoter who executes strategies to increase revenue, profitability, and customer loyalty. Brand marketing is Brooke’s passion: from high-level topics like brand development and recruiting strategies to nuts-and-bolts issues like product rollouts and sales alignment, she knows the process intimately. As a fractional CMO, Brooke makes her C-suite expertise accessible, affordable and most importantly, valuable. Throughout her career, she has worked with several newly launched start-ups as well as evergreen legacy brands including Disney, Toro, GE, Sonic Drive-In Restaurants, Liberty Tax, Springfree Trampoline, Bridgestone, and Careerbuilder.

Brooke’s dynamic leadership style follows her outside of the office and into every realm of her life. A poised, engaging public speaker, Brooke feels most fulfilled when she is sharing her expertise with others and connecting with a crowd’s energy. From trends in marketing to the importance of fractional leadership to an even more personal topic about “building and leveraging your front row,” Brooke’s genuine communication style always leaves an impression.

Her deep desire to connect and support others is the bedrock of Brooke’s relationships as well. Whether she’s traveling, taking a CrossFit or yoga class, or simply taking her dog Kip for a walk, she cherishes the connections she makes along the way. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Brooke is setting off on an adventure she’s aptly named “Brooke on the Grow,” chronicling her move out west and her year of intentionally living life joyfully. It’s her hope that her stories paired with those she meets along the way encourage everyone to see their own good and ability to actualize their potential if they bet on themselves.