Hi! I'm Brooke.

After several significant life changes, I’m on a journey to intentionally live a joyful life. Here, I’ll share valuable insights from my career in building the brands of tomorrow, lessons learned from my personal growth journey, and my latest adventure: being a digital nomad.

I did all the things I thought I was supposed to…

I graduated from college.
I got married.
I worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder.


I got divorced.
I quit my corporate job and started my own business.
I set necessary boundaries that were painful for me and others.
And now after selling almost everything I own and putting the rest in storage, I am off to explore the U.S. and beyond.

I guess at 44, you can say this is my version of backpacking through Europe in my 20s!

On this platform you will find more than a CMO sharing brand and marketing insights. You’ll also walk alongside me as I learn and share my “lessons from the road” – quick stories about the new experiences and encounters I have on this journey. These lessons not only uncover my own personal growth but also tie back to the work I do with corporate clients every day to build successful brands.

It’s my hope these stories and the people I meet along the way will encourage everyone to see their own good and the ability to actualize their potential if they bet on themselves.

Join me “on the go” and….

Let’s Grow!

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