For All The Late Bloomers Out There.

My cousin texted me last week and said, “There is this great boutique winery in Paso Robles Tammy and I are members of. You have to go there. Ask for Hannah. She knows we have gifted you a tasting.”

I Googled Herman Story wines and went to their website. Immediately I knew this winery was for me.

From the tongue in cheek letter from the proprietor to the names and descriptions of the wines, I was hooked.

I went to their tasting room last Saturday. It is small, no tables. No chairs. You just stand there at the counter, interact with the hosts and have them give you a couple pours.

The experience was relaxed. I laughed at the descriptions. I asked questions about the label design and copywriting (tell me you’re a marketer without telling me you’re a marketer).


Great brands tell great stories.

I learned the “Late Bloomer” wine label features actual photos from wine club members. I did ask if joining was the only way I could submit a photo and they said they take photos from anyone who submits. And if they pick your photo, you get a free case of wine. So, here’s your chance to submit the cringe-worthy 80s bangs or 70s mullets and be on a bottle of wine!

And they have the, “where are they now” glow up features to read while I enjoyed my wine. Such a smart touch- the creative director knew people would want to know the full stories!

Cheers To The Creative Team!

I loved how the descriptions of the wine pokes fun at wine tasters who take themselves too seriously. I would actually love to see a coffee table book made out of all these descriptions of past releases.

“It’s not a private school fundraiser until someone throws a punch”

This brand is witty, which I appreciate. It is hard to be witty and not come across as contrived. The brand is also cohesive, a very important part of their success. From their website to the in-person experience, right down to the business cards and merch in the lobby.

My experience there was not a normal, quintessential wine country experience with rolling hills of vineyards and perfectly curated cheese boards

It was relaxed, fun, funny. And just a damn good time with some delicious wine.

I became a member.

The brand sold me through storytelling and the experience.

That’s what good brands do.

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