Trapeze Lessons: Once you let go, you finally feel free.

Well I did it—I took trapeze lessons! 🎪

And the experience didn’t disappoint in teaching me some valuable life lessons:

🪜 The hardest part was getting started. Or in this case: climbing the ladder. Whether it’s launching a campaign, a new business, or taking a leap of faith, the initial steps are always the toughest.

🫣 Doubt will always creep in, but don’t let it hold you back. I will be honest: halfway up the ladder I was ready to call it. I am so glad I went through with it!

🦋 Sometimes, you just need to take the leap. Send that email, sign the contract, or say yes to that opportunity you’ve been hesitating about—just jump!

✨ “Jump, and the net shall appear.” This saying has guided me for the past two years, and it couldn’t have been more true during my trapeze adventure last month.

🤩Once you let go, you finally feel free. 💫

Let’s Grow!🌱

Grateful not to be on the ladder anymore.


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