Ali’s Turkish Coffee: A Lesson in Pride, Process, and Setting Yourself Apart

Man with coffee

Take the scenic route. You just might see and experience things you would not have otherwise.  Like a Turkish man, Ali, who served me my first cup of Turkish coffee, ever. As I was driving from Santa Monica, CA to my next stop of my digital nomad journey (Paso Robles, CA) I decided to take a little adventure to a Turkish coffee shop I found by a simple Google search.

I walked in to this little shop that was quite literally off the beaten path in an industrial area of town that backed up to train tracks. Not the best site selection, but by the number of guests in the shop, it is not a deterrent for Ali.


I was staring at the menu trying to decide what to get. He asked if I needed help deciding and his eyes became so bright when I said this was my first cup. He clapped his hands and said, “sit down, sit down. You’re in for the best cup of coffee ever.” ( I wouldn’t be lying if that scene in Elf didn’t pop into my head when he said that). 

Ali spoke with great pride about his process: the filtered water, the weighing of the beans, how the type of water anyone brews with can bring out how bitter the beans taste. He ground the beans and had me smell them. 

Coffee and Baklava
The perfect bite.


The presentation was art. 

The process was precise.

Once the coffee was brewed, he placed it on the table in front of me with a piece of pistachio Baklava next to it and said, “take a bite, then sip, it will be perfect.” 

And it was. The perfect combo. And as my friend said when I posted this picture to my stories “that is the tiniest meal ever!” LOL. But it did pack a punch.

His reputation speaks for itself. He has 77 five star reviews on Google. Now 78 if you include mine.

Just like Ali, businesses can stand out by developing and maintaining a proven method of delivering their services or products. A reliable and consistent process not only ensures customer satisfaction but also builds trust and loyalty. Your process becomes your unique selling point, distinguishing you from competitors and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.


So, the next time you are on a road trip, take a little detour or the scenic route. You never know what hidden gems you might uncover. Remember Ali and his passion for Turkish coffee, and let it inspire you to develop your own proven process—one that will set you apart and lead you to success in the world of business.

Let’s Grow! 🌱

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