Embracing Change and Finding Flow in Drum Boxing

I went to Drumboxing on Saturday. Ever heard of it? 

I hadn’t either. But I experienced it for the first time this weekend and am now their biggest fan. Founded almost 12 years ago, the only studio in existence is in Malibu, CA. I took a little drive up the PCH on Saturday to check it out. 

First of all, Drumboxing is exactly what it sounds like – boxing with drums, creating both audible and physical rhythms. The founder, John Wakefield, is an expert percussionist, and has trained everyone from elite boxers to NBA players, and even celebrities like Alanis Morissette and Lianne Rimes have joined his Malibu Studio classes.

Female drum boxing

The Origin Story:
The idea originated when a Ukrainian lightweight boxer approached John, seeking rhythm training for his motion and hand speed ahead of a fight. The fighter quickly realized the benefits of altering patterns and tempos from fast to slow, and how focus played a crucial role. They began incorporating Home Depot buckets stacked to his height, along with a conga drum. As the concept grew, multiple drums were placed in the room, introducing more “chaos” to the sequences. This forced the fighter to adapt, regulate emotions, and handle mistakes – all important skills for a boxer in the ring.

Sound familiar? We have to adapt, regulate our emotions and deal with mistakes. Every. Single. Day.


The Philosophy:
John’s philosophy is simple – put the mind in situations where it must do what it was designed to do: analyze and adapt to the environment, identifying patterns and tendencies. 


What can this class experience teach us all about business and life? Several things:

Punching bag

1️⃣ Maintain focus. With a million emails, texts and chat messages blowing up our devices it is harder than ever to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Just as I needed to focus during class, individuals and businesses must find ways to maintain focus.

2️⃣ The more “chaotic” the patterns became, the more I had to adapt. Think about this from a business perspective, especially a start-up: it’s chaotic in the beginning. Heck, it’s chaotic when you grow from $50MM to $100MM or $100MM to $500MM! You have to learn how to adapt in these situations in order to grow. 

3️⃣ Finding your “flow state”. I was in the flow when I took this class. Career coaches like Kelli Thompson and Jen Adams often talk about finding your flow state and how that indicates you are passionate about something. It is what you enjoy doing. Have you ever taken note of what it is you are doing when you are “in the flow”? If you haven’t, you should. 

4️⃣ Embracing perspective change. When the 180 degree turns were introduced, I was really thrown for a loop. I had to stop, calculate, reset and start again. As an entrepreneur, these moments occur regularly, demanding adaptability and quick thinking.

5️⃣ Find the patterns. I love finding patterns in things, especially when it comes to businesses. What trends are we seeing that indicate growth? Or possibly predict an upcoming challenge? How will we solve them? I wish I could take this class every week to continue to hone this skill. 

6️⃣ A big part of the process is making mistakes. In fact, the class is all about the mistakes. Don’t correct. Embrace what is next. It is a way to deal with failure and mistakes in a fun non-threatening environment. I screwed up, yes, and I laughed it off. Because there was no other option. What if we all took this approach in our daily lives?

7️⃣ Overcome initial hesitations: when I walked into the session, I was informed that it would be a 1:1 experience. Immediately I felt exposed without someone else to hide behind when I screwed up. Also I was feeling very self conscious about how I would look and I hadn’t even started yet! However, as the session progressed, I realized it was one of the coolest and most enjoyable activities I’ve ever done. Our initial hesitations hold so many of us back in our lives. We have to overcome them or we will never get to experience amazing things like Drumboxing.


The Versatility of Drumboxing:
Not only was this a great workout for my Saturday morning, and is intended to either be taken as a group fitness class or private coaching sessions, I can see this becoming a fantastic add on to any corporate retreat for a team building exercise. If you are looking to add this on, you should reach out to them!!! 

It also offers tremendous benefits to audiences of all ages, from young minds in development to seniors in retirement communities who need to stay mentally and physically sharp. It can even be adapted to a chair version, allowing everyone to tap out beats using their hands and laps.


No Need for Prior Experience:
Don’t worry, (because I know you are thinking it), you don’t need a background in dance or music to enjoy Drumboxing. The idea is to focus on the mind-body connection and problem-solving. As long as you find the rhythm, you’re good to go. It is hard NOT to with the amazing music John writes and plays for you in class. 

Drumboxing inevitably brings a smile to your face. The music, the rhythm, and the liberating experience will make you bop your head along, laugh, and truly enjoy yourself.


This is EXACTLY the type of adventure I wanted to experience on this digital nomad journey. It is all part of “Brooke On The Grow”: intentionally living life joyfully. 

This experience brought me valuable lessons for both personal growth and business. As I look back, I can’t help but cherish the joy, energy, and profound insights it offered. It serves as a powerful reminder to stay adaptable, embrace change, and find joy in the most unexpected activities.


Let’s Grow!🌱



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